Training & Lessons

Horseback riding lessons are given to Beginner through Advanced riders in Basic Riding, Dressage, Cross Country and Hunter/Jumper with an emphasis on being safe and secure.


Our instructors have chosen teaching as their career and dedicate their lives to the process of making you the best rider you can be.  Over 40 years of combined teaching experience has allowed our instructors to develop a program that addresses the needs of keeping children entertained as well as challenging their bodies and minds to learn proper muscle memory. Muscle memory is a vital skill that allows tasks to be performed without conscious effort. Once these skills are learned through muscle memory it decreases the need for mental effort and creates maximum efficiency of the motor and memory systems.
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Our program includes:

•    riding in arena working on basic skills
•    jumping
•    lunge line work
•    riding bareback
•    riding with cavalleti
•    mounted games on horseback
•    riding out in the fields
•    trail riding in the woods

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GlenAyre Equestrian Centre is proud to be involved in the — USEA Area 8 Young Rider Program!

Lessons begin at $50/half hour for private instruction

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The mix of all these experiences are designed to create an independent seat. This term is what allows riders to be secure and safe. We also feel that learning how horses act on the ground and around humans gives students insight into their personality and in turn will help strengthen their bond when riding. This is why we prefer students to play an active role in preparing the horse for their lesson when possible.

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GlenAyre Pony Club Classes


2 Hour Classes for ages 6-14

We are very excited to announce our Ponymanship 2-hour  Center classes! Designed for children from age 6-14 these classes allow students to ride in a group lesson for an hour and then have an hour of hands-on horse care experience. Sessions are limited to 10 students and pre-registration is required. Students will have the opportunity to compete lesson horses in local and home competitions.

We do not offer these classes for the summer months – check back in August to sign up!

These classes are a fabulous way for friends to ride together and learn vital skills needed to care for horses.

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