Camp Details:

Days/Time: Camp runs 9-5, Monday through Thursday
Ages: 6-13
Cost: $380/week (Mon-Thurs)
Experience: Beginners with no experience to Advanced seeking an intense week of training!

Camp Sessions:

May 29-June 1
June 12-15
June 26-29
July 10-13
July 24-27
July31-August 3
August 7-10

An indoor arena and air-conditioned class room means that camp always goes on, and that riding time is almost never compromised!!



Campers are given the opportunity to ride twice during each day of camp. One ride occurs during the cooler morning hours and is typically a technique-based lesson; the other usually consists of mounted games, riding bareback, or a ride out and around the farm—for the sheer
joy of the ride!


Campers acquire knowledge in daily horse care. Instruction includes grooming, tacking, feeding, bathing, and stall cleaning. These activities promote a strong relationship between horse and rider.

GlenAyre_Summer_Camp_Horseback_Riding_1HORSE SCIENCE:

No horse-rider relationship is complete without an understanding of daily equine needs including nutrition, first-aid, and horse psychology. In addition to this instruction we take advantage of the opportunity to speak with any equine professionals calling on the farm—we may visit with a terrier, vet, trainer, dentist, massage therapist, or celebrity rider as the opportunity arises


Our new facility has a pond for fishing and kayaking activities.  Our swimming pool will be a great way to cool off at the end the day. Hiking trails to the waterfall can also be incorporated into the week for an educational aspect.  Whatever your child’s interests we are sure they will have fun at GlenAyre.GlenAyre_Summer_Camp_Canoeing   GlenAyre_Trail_Riding

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6751 Old Zaring Road
Crestwood, KY 40014
Contact: Piper Uhl